Qaddafi Vows to Punish His Libyan Enemies

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Latest News Update: Qaddafi Vows to Punish His Libyan Enemies

BENGHAZI, Libya (BBC News Blog) – Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi vowed to triumph more than his enemies on Friday, and informed supporters in Tripoli’s Green Square that he would open arsenals “when necessary” to arm the Libyan persons versus the “enemy.”

“We can crush any enemy. We are able to crush it together with the people’s will. The people today are armed and when needed, we’ll open arsenals to arm all of the Libyan individuals and all Libyan tribes.”

“Get prepared to battle for Libya, get prepared to battle for dignity, get prepared to battle for petroleum,” he stated.

Militias loyal to Muammar al-Qaddafi opened fire on protesters streaming from mosques within the Libyan funds before on Friday, demanding the regime’s ouster, witnesses stated, reporting a minimum of 4 killed. Throughout rebellious metropolitan areas within the east, tens of countless numbers held rallies in help of the very first Tripoli protests in days.

Protesters chanting for Qaddafi’s ouster streamed from mosques close to downtown Tripoli’s Green Square along with other districts immediately after prayers, plus they had been confronted by troops and militiamen who opened fire, mentioned many witnesses. Gunmen on rooftops in streets close to the square shot down on marchers, they stated.

1 witness noted viewing 3 protesters killed within the Souq al-Jomaa region close to the square, and an additional noted a fourth loss of life in yet another district, Fashloum. The reviews couldn’t be right away confirmed.

“There are all type of bullets,” mentioned 1 protester close to the Souq al-Jomaa, screaming inside a phone get in touch with for the Connected Press, using the rattle of pictures audible inside the track record.

“The circumstance is chaotic in elements of Tripoli now,” stated yet another witness, who was amongst marchers in adjacent Algeria Square and mentioned he noticed militiamen firing within the air. Armed Qaddafi supporters had been also speeding by way of some streets in automobiles, he stated. Citizens hiding within their houses also documented the sound of gunfire in other elements with the cash.

The contact for regime opponents march from mosques right after prayers was the very first try to maintain a key anti-Qaddafi rally inside the funds given that militiamen introduced a bloody crackdown on marchers early within the week that left dozens dead. SMS messages had been sent about urging, “Let us make this Friday the Friday of liberation,” citizens mentioned. The citizens and witnesses all spoke on situation of anonymity for worry of retaliation.

Qaddafi loyalists have clamped down difficult in Tripoli, the middle from the eroding territory the Libyan leader’s regime nevertheless controls. The uprising that started Feb. 15 has swept more than practically the whole eastern 50 percent with the nation, breaking metropolitan areas there from his regime’s maintain.

Even inside the pocket of northwestern Libya about Tripoli, a number of metropolitan areas have also fallen in to the fingers of your rebellion. Militiamen and Qaddafi forces on Thursday had been repelled in attempting to consider again opposition-held territory inside the metropolitan areas of Zawiya and Misrata, close to the cash, in fighting that killed no less than thirty people today.

Beginning Friday early morning in Tripoli, pro-Qaddafi militiamen setup major safety about several mosques inside the town, attempting to stop any opposition gatherings. Armed youthful guys with green armbands to display their assistance of Qaddafi create checkpoints on numerous streets, stopping vehicles and looking them. Tanks and checkpoints lined the street to Tripoli’s airport, witnesses stated.

As gunfire raged downtown, gunmen opened fire on yet another march by countless numbers in Tajoura, a crowded impoverished district in the eastern facet in the cash, a participant stated. The crowd was shifting down a most important avenue towards Green Square whenever a hail of bullets hit, he mentioned.

“We cannot see exactly where it really is coming from,” he mentioned. “They do not desire to quit.” He mentioned 1 guy subsequent to him was shot within the neck.

Tripoli, household to practically a 3rd of Libya’s six million individuals, will be the middle of your territory that continues to be below Qaddafi’s handle soon after the uprising that started Feb. 15 swept more than almost the whole eastern 50 % in the nation, breaking metropolitan areas there from his regime’s maintain.

Even inside the pocket of northwestern Libya about Tripoli, quite a few metropolitan areas have also fallen in to the palms with the rebellion. Militiamen and Gadhafi forces on Thursday had been repelled in attempting to acquire again territory within the metropolitan areas of Zawiya and Misrata in fighting that killed a minimum of thirty persons.

A number of tens of countless numbers held a rally in help with the Tripoli protesters within the major square of Libya’s second-largest town, Benghazi, exactly where the revolt started and that is now component in the opposition-held territory inside the east.

Tents — some with pictures of individuals who had been killed in fighting — had been setup and citizens served breakfast to people today, lots of carrying indicators in Arabic and Italian. Other people climbed on a number of tanks parked close by, belonging to army models within the town that allied using the rebellion.

“We won’t quit this rally till Tripoli will be the cash once more,” mentioned Omar Moussa, a demonstrator. “Libyans are all united … Tripoli is our money. Tripoli is in our hearts.”

Muslim cleric Sameh Jaber led the prayers within the square, telling worshippers that Libyans “have revolted versus injustice.”

“God consider revenge from Moammar Qaddafi due to what he did for the Libyan folks,” the cleric, sporting conventional Libyan white uniform along with a red cap, mentioned in remarks carried by Al-Jazeera Television. “God acknowledge our martyrs and make their moms, fathers and households affected person.”

Signaling continued defiance, Qaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam, vowed his loved ones will “live and die in Libya,” in accordance an excerpt from an interview to become aired later on Friday on BBC News Blog.

Asked about options within the deal with of expanding unrest, Qaddafi stated: “Plan A would be to reside and die in Libya, Strategy B would be to reside and die in Libya, Strategy C would be to reside and die in Libya.

The brand new York-based Human Rights Observe has place the loss of life toll in Libya at practically 300, based on a partial count. Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini stated estimates of some one,000 persons killed had been “credible.”

On the go to to Turkey, French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated the violence by pro-Qaddafi forces is unacceptable and need to not go unpunished.

“Mr. Qaddafi should go,” he mentioned.

The European Union’s foreign coverage chief, Catherine Ashton, stated Friday the bloc wants to take into account sanctions for instance journey restrictions and an asset freeze in opposition to Libya to accomplish a halt towards the violence there and transfer towards democracy.

NATO’s most important decision-making physique also planned to fulfill in emergency session Friday to take into account the deteriorating circumstance, even though Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has stated the alliance has no intention of intervening inside the North African nation.

The U.N.’s leading human rights official, Navi Pillay, meanwhile, mentioned reviews of mass killings of countless numbers in Libya ought to spur the worldwide neighborhood to “step in vigorously” to finish the crackdown towards anti-government protesters.

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