One of the Best Natural Remedies Against Depression Herbal Medicine!

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Health News: One of the Best Natural Remedies Against Depression Herbal Medicine!

Natural Remedies Against Depression(BBC News Blog) – Antidepressants are the most common treatment in traditional medicine in the case of depression. What we do know is that these drugs act on serotonin levels secreted by the brain. However, there is a very long list of side effects associated with antidepressants.

It is because of these side effects that some people prefer to use natural solutions to fight against depression. In Germany, 50% of patients are treated with an herbal remedy, as against only 2% with Prozac (an antidepressant powerful among the most common fight against depression).

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is one of natural remedies for depression. The plant is in the form of small yellow flowers and leaves punched a thousand holes. It suffices to look through it a light to notice the existence of her little holes. It is a plant that grows everywhere. It is an herbal remedy dating back over 2000 years.

Recent investigations have shown that use of the antidepressant St. John’s wort was a virtue as powerful as a chemical antidepressant. The advantage of this plant is that it has almost no side effects.

Nevertheless, there is a population for which the wort is absolutely prohibited.These positive people on treatment. Indeed, this plant could reduce or even completely cancel the effects of antiretrovirals and make the AIDS virus more resistant to current treatments.

In any case, be sure to ask your doctor before self-medication.

It is still difficult to understand why St. John’s wort is as effective as a natural antidepressant. But it works in much the same way as pharmaceutical antidepressants, while ensuring the natural secretion of serotonin in the brain.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients the human body, especially as the body does not manufacture and that it badly needed for brain function – among others. Essential fatty acids can be supplied only by the foods we eat such as salmon, mackerel, herring, eel and fish oil. They are also found in certain vegetable oils such as canola oil, flaxseed, walnuts, wheat germ and soybeans.

There is however a problem with overconsumption of fish is that they often contain mercury and other harmful chemicals they have ingested in the water we have polluted. This is why fish oil capsules purified of obvious interest.They allow you to consume omega 3 without the presence of these pollutants.

Folic acid – Vitamin B9 or – is lacking in those who suffer from depression. It is found in green vegetables such as beans and some fruits (bananas, berries and nuts), in addition to being available in food supplements for that purpose.
A person who has vitamin B12 can also sink into depression. In sum, vitamins B9 and B12 are essential for the body to prevent depression. You are no doubt aware that it is recommended to maintain an overall balance by practicing regular exercise, a balanced diet and stress management to prevent any slippage mind.

Sam-e is short for S-adenosyl-L-methionine, which can be simplified by “adenosylmethionine. The letter “e” means the coating “enteric” (which dissolves in the digestive system) tablets that allow them to resist stomach acid so that the Sam-e is absorbed in the intestine. Thus, the molecule is formed naturally in the body resulting from a reaction of its components. It is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to the synthesis and activation of hormones, neurotransmitters and proteins.

It is therefore essential for the proper functioning of the body, including the central nervous system and liver.

It typically occurs in natural food stores (organic) and some online pharmacies. Sam-e is sold as a dietary supplement.

About 40 € for the purchase of 60 tablets. There is thus a certain sum of money, but also a great way to fight against depression without the risk of serious side effects. It knows of only two at present: nausea and constipation.

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1 Response for “One of the Best Natural Remedies Against Depression Herbal Medicine!”

  1. Jane says:

    I tried St. John’s Wort. What it did for me was to show me that there really was something wrong, but I did not have enough strength with the Wort to do something about it. I ultimately ended up on an anti-depressant that has changed my life.

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