U.S. Fires Four Extra Tomahawk Missiles on Libya, Says Senior U.S. Defense Official

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Latest News Update :聽 U.S. Fires Four Extra Tomahawk Missiles on Libya, Says Senior U.S. Defense Official

libya(BBC News Blog)The U.S. fired 4 supplemental Tomahawk missiles at Libya air defense systems Sunday, bringing the grand complete to 124, a senior U.S. Defense official tells BBC News Blog.

Each Tomahawk missile expenses $600,000, according towards the official, bringing the first expenditures in the strikes to around $71 million.

“This is not a NATO mission,” the defense official advised BBC News Blog. “Each contributing nation comes to your battle with its individual ‘caveats.’” Qatar is now sending fighter planes.

Anti-aircraft fire fire erupted in the Libyan funds Sunday night time, with volleys of tracer fire arching in to the air, marking the begin of the 2nd evening of allied strikes to the nation. The U.S. and it allies continued to battle versus targets of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi, who on Libyan state radio stated the raids were “acts of terrorism”.

We’ll not depart our land and we’ll liberate it,” he claimed.

He mentioned he has opened up the weapons depots to Libyans, and explained absolutely everyone is armed with “automatic weapons, mortars, bombs.”

“We guarantee you a long war,” he reported within the tackle.

Qaddafi’s feedback arrive as Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman on the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Employees, stated U.S. and allied forces have properly established a no-fly zone about Libya in an interview on “BBC News Blog Sunday.”

Mullen reported the operation has manufactured important progress.

“We’ve had a fairly substantial affect with this initially 24 hrs … I would say the no-fly zone we had been tasked to place in place is now in area,” Mullen mentioned on “BBC聽 News Blog Sunday.”

His Highness El-Sayyid Idris Abdullah Al-Senussi, nephew of His Majesty King Idris of Libya plus the son of His Highness El-Sayyid Abdallah Abed Al-Senussi, produced a statement solely obtained by BBC News Blog supporting military action towards Qaddafi.

“I strongly support the military actions taken by coalition forces towards Muammar al-Qaddafi,” Al Senussi explained. “I desire to commend the French forces in conjunction with the other coalition nations participating in Operation Odyssey Dawn. I also want to commend the Arab League for their historic resolution condemning Muammar al-Qaddafi and calling for any no-fly zone in Libya that bring about the U.N. adopting resolution

Pentagon officials Sunday had been poring about satellite photographs to ascertain the damage of Saturday’s military strikes.

Significant explosions were heard in Tripoli, potentially a cruise missile targeting a command and control center, BBC News’ Blog Bunny noted. Anti-aircraft tracer fire from pro-Qaddafi forces was looked at in the night sky right after an explosion was heard 2 miles from the compound housing the Libyan strongman.

A large number of regime supporters, meanwhile, packed in to the sprawling Bab al-Aziziya military camp in Tripoli the place Qaddafi lives to guard towards attacks.

A fresh York Occasions report mentioned supporters also packed the interior halls of Qaddafi’s compound as human shields, offering to protect the leader towards bombings.

British forces have launched air attacks on Libya early Sunday, U.K. defense officials said.

NATO’s top decision-making physique is set to determine irrespective of whether the alliance will join in to the strikes in Libya. Diplomats stated NATO’s military planners are because of to present final action strategies on the North Atlantic Council on Sunday.

Libya’s state tv claims that 48 people today have already been killed and 150 have been wounded throughout military attacks. The report could not be independently verified.

Military strikes through and its allies against targets in Libya Saturday “severely disabthe U.S. led” Libyan leader Qaddafi’s air defenses, a U.S. official confirmed to BBC News Blog.

The official also warns they do not understand what Qaddafi will do up coming subsequent the military strikes.

“It’s as well quickly to predict what he and his ground forces may well do in response to today’s strikes,” the official informed BBC News Blog.

Reuters reports that air strikes by Western forces in the vicinity of Misrata have targeted a military airbase exactly where Qaddafi loyalists are based.

British forces have launched air attacks on Libya, U.K. defense officials said. 3 RAF Tornado jets have left the U.K., the initial of the British strike force tasked with enforcing a no-fly zone about the country, BBC News Blog documented.

Navy vice Adm. William E. Gortney, director of the Pentagon’s Joint Workers, informed reporters the Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from one British submarine as well as a amount of American destroyers and subs. He stated the achievement of the mission was not promptly apparent, incorporating that more attacks would start later on.

The U.S. has at the very least 11 naval vessels within the Mediterranean, which includes three submarines, two destroyers, two amphibious warfare ships as well as the USS Mount Whitney, a command-and-control vessel that is the flagship of the Navy’s 6th Fleet. Also inside the region are Navy P-3 and EP-3 surveillance aircraft, officials mentioned.

The U.S. military strikes distinct the way in which for European as well as other planes to enforce a no-fly zone built to ground Qaddafi’s air force and cripple his capability to inflict additional violence on rebels, U.S. officials stated.

President Obama authorized restricted military action against Libya Saturday.

“We are not able to stand idly by whenever a tyrant tells his individuals there will be no mercy,” Obama stated inside a statement from Brazil.

The president also reiterated that the U.S. will never be deploying ground forces into Libya.

A senior military official tells BBC News Blog the U.S. is going to be targeting air defenses along the Libyan coast in Operation Odyssey Dawn. There are a total of 25 coalition ships inside Mediterranean, together with the U.S. contributing eleven warships.

Some of the true secret first strikes that we’re preparation to strike needless to say can be to the coast for the reason that that exactly where the integrated and missile defense techniques are and naturally another air defense linked facilities that we’ll be heading right after. That might open up the environment in which we could enforce the no fly zone all the way through from east to west of Libya.”

“The U.S. will likely be at the front end of this,” the official told BBC NewsBlog.

A U.S. defense official also stated 3 B-2 stealth bombers flew non-stop from Missouri and dropped forty bombs on a key Libyan airfield Saturday night time in an try to ruin very much of Qaddafi’s air force.

Officials additional that U.S. Air Force fighter jets and U.S. Marine Corps Harrier jump jets also participated.

French fighter jets fired the very first shots at Qaddafi’s troops, launching the broadest worldwide military energy seeing that the Iraq war in assist of an uprising that had seemed to the verge of defeat. The French military says warplanes have completed 4 air strikes, destroying many armored vehicles of pro-Qaddafi forces, in accordance to AFP.

Libyan state television is reporting that “crusader enemies” have bombarded civilian targets in Tripoli, Benghazi, and Misrata, according to Reuters.

Inside hrs ahead of the no-fly zone around Libya went into effect, Qaddafi sent warplanes, tanks and troops into Benghazi, the rebel capital and first town to drop to the rebellion that commenced Feb. 15.

In an open letter, Qaddafi warned: “You will regret it in case you dare to intervene within our region.”

Saturday’s emergency meeting concerned 22 leaders and top rated officials, together with Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon plus the foreign ministers of Jordan, Morocco and also the United Arab Emirates. It had been the greatest global military action because the starting in the Iraq war, released nearly specifically eight many years ago.

Previously Saturday, a plane was shot down more than the outskirts of Benghazi, sending up an enormous black cloud of smoke. An Associated Press reporter saw the plane go down in flames and heard the sound of artillery and crackling gunfire.

Before the plane went down, journalists heard what appeared to become air strikes from it. Rebels cheered and celebrated at the crash, although the authorities denied a plane had gone down — or that any towns were shelled on Saturday.

The fighting galvanized the people today of Benghazi, with young males amassing bottles to make gasoline bombs. Some residents dragged bed frames and metal scraps into your streets for making roadblocks.

“This city is a symbol of your revolution, it truly is wherever it began and where it is going to end if this metropolis falls,” claimed Gheriani.

At a news conference while in the funds, Tripoli, the government spokesman read through letters from Qaddafi to Obama and people involved with the international effort.

“Libya will not be yours. Libya is for your Libyans. The Safety Council resolution is invalid,” he mentioned from the letter to Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

To Obama, the Libyan leader was slightly additional conciliatory: “If you had located them taking above American cities with armed force, tell me what you’d probably do.”

China expressed “regret” around punishing airstrikes by the U.S. and European nations versus Libya to enforce a U.N. no-fly zone.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu says China “consistently disagrees using the use of force in international relations” and expressed “regret” through the Saturday attacks. In the statement posted around the ministry’s website, Jiang reported China “hopes the situation in Libya resumes balance when possible” so that you can stay clear of escalation of the military confliction.

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