Hindu temple attacked in Australia

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BBC News India : Hindu temple attacked in Australia

sydnyMelbourne (BBC News Blog) : Australia’s oldest Hindu temple in New South Wales was attacked by unidentified masked gunmen who fired numerous shots at it, triggering panic amongst the neighborhood members.

Sri Mandir at Auburn, which can be greater than three decades aged, was attacked by two guys, who were sporting balaclavas or ski masks, about the night time of March 19.

The attackers have been caught on CCTV firing shots with the temple. Nobody was killed or severely injured within the incident, which established panic amongst the temple’s priest and worshippers, regional media noted.

A police spokeswoman was quoted as declaring through the ‘Sydney Early morning Herald’ newspaper that detectives had been functioning carefully while using neighborhood as aspect of investigation in to the incident.

Number of bullets hit the wall at the temple entrance, only a feet absent from your principal door. One of the bullets grazed through the wall and ricocheted hitting the emergency door to the aspect with the temple,” he was quoted as stating.

“A bullet was also fired around the roof from the temple which found its way with the bogus ceiling within the temple. Considering the bullet marks around the temple walls suggests that specialised significant bullets had been utilized in the operation,” he claimed.

Normal bullets are of the really smaller width but these bullets have designed even larger holes on the walls, Revo explained.

“Neighbours will also be sick with the escalating violence and also have extended silent help towards the temple by sending them e-mails etc but dread talking within the public,” he said, adding the current incident wasn’t the initial one particular because the temple happens to be attacked a number of instances considering the fact that 2004.

Very last November, a number of people armed with metal bars had smashed two windows of your temple, when 6 worshippers have been within.

The temple’s priest Jatinkumar Bhatt claimed that he had also been harassed by youths in the past, but the newest shooting incident left him afraid.

“I have a very household likewise, three young ones and my spouse,” he claimed. “Throwing eggs and bottles is definitely an ongoing approach but this bullet actually set us in the panic.”

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  1. akash says:

    aussies are the talibans of southern hemisphere.they are turning out to be the most racist and intolerant pigs of the civilised world.the aussie govt are a bunch idiots who cant ensure safety for the minorities in a country with so little population.thats why its no wonder the abborigines are almost wiped off the face of the earth.these idiot ministers are highly qualified liars headed by a champion liar prime minister.its high time that the UN condemn this state sponsored terrorism and give it strong warnings to check this kind of extremism.

  2. john andrews says:

    India should issue strong protest and if these hypocrites dont listen ,war should be imposed on them.these aussie pigs ought to be taught a lesson or two.

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