Panthers’ Linebacker Continues to Dispute Charges

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The attorney that represents a person suing Carolina Panthers’ linebacker Jon Beason told a jury Wednesday that the NFL player had “failed to take responsibility for his actions” and also owes his client for an alleged attack in a Charlotte strip club 18 months ago.

Gregory Frye is suing Beason, accusing him of punching him in the head at the Uptown Cabaret.

Beason will be countersuing, claiming Frye has slandered him.

In his opening statement Wednesday, lawyer Curtis Osborne explained to jurors the events associated with Nov. 15, 2009, the evening of the confrontation between Frye and Beason. “Jon Beason dropped him with one punch,” Osborne said, adding that Frye had suffered a smashed nasal cavity, a facial fracture, and inflammation on the left side of his head.

Frye states in the lawsuit that the attack took place after he told one more Panthers’ player he previously had seen Beason “up at the lake, doing coke with some girl.” Beason, 26, has adamantly denied assaulting Frye and the drug accusations.

Beason was arrested after the claimed assault, yet criminal charges were dropped 11 days after. Prosecutors claimed there wasn’t sufficient evidence to support the claims that Beason had punched Frye.

“Other than Mr. Frye’s statement, law enforcement were not able to acquire evidence that Mr. Beason had been the attacker,” Assistant District Attorney Bruce Lillie stated at the time. Lillie claimed police contacted several individuals who were at the club that evening and stated, “No one indicated they saw Beason strike Frye. No witnesses have come forward to say they saw Beason strike Frye.”

Osborne claimed Wednesday he will ask jurors to have Beason compensate Frye for what transpired and said they will seek punitive damages. “Hold him responsible — finally — for what he did to Greg Frye,” Osborne explained.

George Laughrun, who represents Beason, called the Panthers’ player “a good upstanding man.”

He shared with how that Beason wanted to hit Frye but in fact did not. “He was mad as hell,” Laughrun claimed of his client. “He wanted to sack him like Ben Roethlisberger.”

Frye’s court action statements he went to the annual Lake Gathering in June 2009 at Lake Norman and saw Beason and a woman “engaging in what he believed to be snorting cocaine.”

In the suit, Frye states he told Panthers’ tight end Dante Rosario that he had seen Beason engaging in cocaine use, and Frye subsequently claims Beason’s driver and security guard afterwards greeted him, stating, “Whatever you said about Beason, he’s really pissed. You want to go talk to him.”

Frye states that a short time later, Beason attempted him “in a noticeably angry manner, cursing and yelling at Frye about the cocaine statement.”

Frye says that as the two men were walking outdoors to go over the issue, Beason hit him 2 times. He said he never did anything to provoke Beason, and that he certainly not fought back.

On Wednesday, Laughrun explained to jurors how Beason responded whenever he’d been charged with assault. He said Beason had tears in his eyes and also told his attorney, “I have never been arrested. I’ve never even been to a police department before.”

Mentioning the countersuit, Laughrun taught jurors he as well as Beason will ask to be awarded a $1 settlement.

“It’s not about money … he wants his name (reputation) back,” Laughrun claimed.

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