Google’s Android Market Has Improved Features

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Google’s Android Market has a new refreshed look and user-enhancing capabilities as of Thursday, so that users of the the Google operating system obtain a much more iTunes-like experience when trying to find programs to download for their phones and tablets.

All 5 big improvements were released by Google, including being able to check the most popular programs, hot new apps, not to mention programs which are “trending” in the Market, which now has more than 200,000 software programs. Apple has got more than 350,00 programs, however Android Market has been escalating swiftly as Android vies with Apple to get control of the top mobile devices.

“We’ve had 4.5 billion applications installed to date. But with so many apps available, how do you find the ones you really want? Whether you’re looking for the most popular apps, hot new apps, or just the very best apps available, we would like to help make sure that you find what you’re looking for,” said Fernando Delgado, Android Market product or service manager, on Google’s blog Thursday.

The changes for the Android Market will be these, Google said:

New “best app” charts: “We’ve revamped our top app charts to be fresher and country-specific, so you get the most current, related results. We’ve in addition added top new free, best new paid, and top grossing lists, all right on the Android Market home page.” Apple has long had the top new free/paid/grossing details available on iTunes.

Editors’ Choice: This is often another feature Apple has had as “Staff Favorites,” which provides “a few of the extremely best programs intended for Android, as chosen by the Android Market staff.”

Top Developers: Those who generate “the highest quality, preferred, and most prominent apps available on Android Market” are presented with a symbol on the Android Market website, being of Thursday, already more than 150 builders are featured.

Far better ‘related’ apps: Now, about the left-hand side of an app page, you see programs “frequently browsed by people who viewed this app, and apps that people tend to set up alongside this app. For case in point, Delgado says, “people who view ScoreMobile, my favorite sports score app, usually also view other sports score apps, while those who install ScoreMobile tend to furthermore install software for specific sports leagues or squads. We’ll also show you connected apps once you opt to install an app.”

Trending apps info: This looks at apps that are “quickly expanding in monthly installs.” Apple also features these apps as “What’s Hot.”

The changes are welcome; while both Apple and Google are making it easier than just about anyone else to find and download mobile apps, Google has been behind in the way the Android Market was structured. Modifications announced Thursday make it a more level playing field, even if Google added largely what Apple has already had.

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