NFL Labor Dispute Could be Resolved Soon, Claim Sources

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Labor discussions between the NFL owners and players are said to be continuing and information indicates that a bargain could be arranged within the next two weeks.

The Washington Post on Tuesday said the two sides were meeting outside the nation’s capital with another meeting scheduled for Wednesday. The newspaper also cited sources on both sides as saying if improvement is made this week, owners could vote on a suggested deal next week at a scheduled meeting in Chicago.

However, the Post also asserted many on both sides see that case as unlikely and included that there are others who believe an arrangement continues to be less than certain while others think an agreement could be attained by early July.

Owners are scheduled to meet next Tuesday and various reports indicate that the league has advised teams to be ready to stay overnight in Chicago for the purpose of a potential prolonged debate.

This week’s “secret” meetings, the third in as many weeks, are continuing as both sides await a decision from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on the legitimacy of the lockout.

The lockout began March 12 after talks toward a new collective bargaining agreement broke down and the players’ association decertified. High-profile quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees were then among the plaintiffs in litigation filed against the NFL and all 32 of its teams.

A judge in Minneapolis ruled contrary to the owners and raised the lockout in late April. That led to an appeal by owners and a permanent stay of lower court’s order by the Eighth Circuit in May, which reinstated the lockout.

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